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Sea Salt

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• 20kg/44lb 160 Gallon Box
• 4 x 5kg/11lb Bags
• Ideal for Fish Only or Soft Corals
• Synthetic Sea Salt Mix
• Full of major an minor trace elements
• Ultra Fast and Clean Mixing
• ICP-OES Tested every 2000lbs produced
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    Waterbox Aquariums Sea Salt

    Developed For Fish And Soft Corals

    Maintaining a beautiful fish only or soft coral aquarium requires a precise balance in water parameters. Our SEA SALT is fully synthetic and formulated specifically for demanding fish or soft coral enthusiasts.

    Benefits of Advanced Formula Synthetic Sea Salts

    Waterbox Aquariums® salts are manufactured under strict laboratory supervision to meet the highest quality standards. Our synthetic salts are made from carefully selected raw materials and components. With a synthetic sea salt, we can develop and maintain very strict protocols regarding quality and unwanted compounds and organics. All batches of SEA and REEF salt are manufactured in small batches and ICP tested for exact parameters.

    Ultra Premium Grade Sea Salt

    Developed for the Waterbox Method

    Our proprietary SEA SALT blend was formulated specifically for aquarists that care for soft corals and fish only aquariums. This blend is ideal for saltwater aquariums that have less demand for high concentrations of major trace elements.

    *Water parameters will change depending on salinity levels.

    How It's Made

    Waterbox Aquariums® salt mixes are manufactured under extremely strict and rigorous laboratory supervision to meet the highest quality standards. All REEF and SEA salts are manufactured in small 2000lb batches(roughly 1 pallet of salt) and are ICP tested at frequent intervals to ensure quality and consistency. This way each box of salt provides you with the same results.

    Waterbox 20kg Boxes are packaged in 4 individual black bags to ensure freshness as well as to protect against light exposure. Opened bags should be securely closed in between uses and stored in a cool and dry location.  

    Eco-Friendly Packaging

    Waterbox Aquariums® is committed to reducing our environmental impact anywhere possible. We chose to be one of the few salt mix brands using no plastic buckets in our packaging. Our Eco-Friendly boxes are recyclable and can easily be opened and closed with our hinged design.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Start with approximately ½ cup salt to 1 gallon of water. Once mixed with the base amount you can adjust the salinity to your desired level by adding more salt or water.

      S.G. Salinity Approximate Salt Mix
    (Per 5 Gallons)
    Fish Only 1.0226 30PPT 658g (23.2oz)

    Soft Coral

    1.0249 33PPT 720g (25.4oz)
    Mixed Reef 1.0256 34PPT 744g (26.2oz)
    SPS 1.0264 35PPT 768g (27oz)

    Always use RO/DI freshwater as you never want to use tap water in your saltwater aquarium. The ideal water temperature for mixing is between 74- and 76-degrees Fahrenheit. You can raise the water temperature after mixing is completed to match your aquarium temperature to avoid fluctuations.

    Reef Salt Waterbox

    Salinity Alk (dKH) Ca (mg/I) Mg (mg/I) K (mg/I)
    30 ppt 6.4 - 7.3 350 - 380 1140 - 1220 310 - 340
    33 ppt 7.3 - 7.6 380 - 410 1230 - 1310 350 - 380
    35 ppt 7.6 - 8.4 420 - 460 1320 - 1400 380 - 400

    Sea Salt Waterbox

    Salinity Alk (dKH) Ca (mg/I) Mg (mg/I) K (mg/I)
    30 ppt 6.7 - 7.6 300 - 330 1070 - 1150 310 - 330
    33 ppt 7.6 - 7.8 330 - 360 1150 - 1230 340 - 370
    35 ppt 7.8 - 8.7 360 - 390 1230 - 1310 370 - 390

    Stir or use a small circulation pump to mix the salt for 15 minutes or until water is clear. 

    You can store the mixed saltwater for up to 5 days in a closed container. Due to chance of evaporation test salinity before use. You do not need to circulate the mixed salt during storage but is beneficial to mix briefly before use.

    Waterbox Salt is packaged in black bags to protect against light exposure. Opened bags should be securely closed in between uses and stored in a cool place.

    Any changes to an aquarium should be made over time to reduce the risk of causing fluctuations to your water parameters which can stress livestock. Our recommended method for switching salt is to do a weekly 10% water change with Waterbox Salt for the first 4-6 weeks and then resume your regular water change percentage and schedule.

    Waterbox Sea salt is designed as a more economical option for fish only systems or reef aquariums with only soft corals due to the lower Calcium and Magnesium levels. 

    Waterbox Reef salt is designed for mixed reefs, SPS and invertebrates – providing higher Calcium and Magnesium levels which are key building blocks of LPS, SPS and invertebrates. 

    You can find the batch number under the lid of the box.

    Test kits available to hobbyists are not able to measure changes with 100% accuracy and can sometimes be used incorrectly. Any variation is typically less than 3% and will have no impact on the aquarium inhabitants.

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    Kevin K.
    Canada Canada

    Waterbox Sea Salt

    I purchased two box's and my first impression was that the packaging was very good since neither of the box's was broken or crushed having come UPS from Ontario to Calgary. The parameters of the mixed salt was exactly as stated by the company. The salt mixes very clean and fast also as stated. After using two box's the final mix of saltwater at 78F and 1.025 Sal. was 120 gallons per box. I will continue using and just ordered another five box's and with free shipping to your door it is also very convenient.

    Lonny B.
    Canada Canada

    Sea salt

    Was using reef crystals for a fish only tank and constantly had cloudy water. Tried experimenting with some hard sps. (Bali slimer) and it did not do well. Decided to switch to the waterbox sea salt, did a 50% change and the next day crystal clear water and within another day the slimer had polyps out in full glory. The slimer had been in the tank at least a month prior and barely held its color. Now it’s full out and happy. Water is crystal clear and tank Has never looked better. Salt mixes ultra clean and has great levels. 8 dkh 445 ca and 1400 on mag.