REEF LX 340.7
REEF LX 340.7
REEF LX 340.7

Waterbox Aquariums

REEF LX 340.7

Sale price$10,599.00 CAD



More Gallons, More Potential

The REEF LX total system volume begins at 189.9 gallons (719L) and goes up to 319.4 gallons (1209L).

Full Glass Overflow

Overflow boxes are constructed entirely of glass with water-etched weir teeth.

Dual Overflow Return Nozzles

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Glass Overflow Cover

Each Waterbox has an overflow cover with unique branding.

Ultra Low Iron Glass

Our aquariums are all manufactured using Low Iron Ultra Clear glass that is diamond beveled providing 91% transmittance.

High Strength Silicone

Manufactured using german made Wacker silicone will provide your aquarium with the longevity it needs.

Standard 90 Degree Joints

Manufactured using the standard aquarium manufacturing joints for maximum durability and strength.


Ready to Assemble Plumbing

Our engineers have designed the REEF LX with a ready to assemble plumbing kit that provides easy installation without any gluing required.

Precision Gate Valve

Maximizes your control of the flow to ensure whisper-quiet operation. 

Safety Drain

Keeps your aquarium flowing in the event of a main drain clog.

Check Valve

Preinstalled to prevent backflow and sump overflows. 

Dual Manifold System

Connects seamlessly with your desired filtration and reactors.

Sump System

Filtration for the Pros

Our REEF LX™ systems shine above the rest with our thoughtfully designed, sized and placed sump system which provides ample space for all filtration equipment.


Built For Strength & Stability

The Waterbox MARINESHIELD™ series is our most advanced line of cabinetry yet. It comes fully assembled from us to your doorstep.


Plywood Cabinetry

This cabinetry utilizes fully waterproof wood composite materials and comes fully assembled. Available in White or Black.


Control Center

Each Waterbox ALU cabinet includes a control center, strategically designed to accommodate all major controllers, drivers and dosers. The control center is flexible and can be installed on either side of the cabinet.

REEF LX (Gen. 1)

Technical Specifications

Product Model REEF LX 190.4 REEF LX 230.5 REEF LX 270.6 REEF LX 320.7
(Length x Width x Height)
1268 x 750 x 600mm 1510 x 750 x 600mm 1836 x 750 x 600mm 2200 x 750 x 600mm
49.9"×29.5"×23.6" 59.4"×29.5"×23.6" 72.3"×29.5"×23.6" 86.6"×29.5"×23.6"
Glass Thickness 15mm (3/5″) 19mm (3/4") 19mm (3/4") 19mm (3/4")
Bottom Thickness 19mm (3/4") 19mm (3/4") 30mm (1.18")
(Double 15mm(.59"))
30mm (1.18")
(Double 15mm(.59"))
Water Height 585mm/23.0" 585mm/23.0" 585mm/23.0" 585mm/23.0"
Aquarium Volume 518 L/136.8 gals 609 L/160.9 gals 730 L/192.8 gals 877 L/231.8 gals
Glass Material Ultra-clear glass
Transmittance 91%
Sump Dimensions
(Length x Width x Height)
750 x 580 x 400mm 920 x 580 x 400mm 1000 x 580 x 400mm 1200 x 580 x 400mm
29.5"×22.8"×15.7" 36.2"×22.8"×15.7" 39.4"×22.8"×15.7" 47.2"×22.8"×15.7"
Sump Volume 162 L/42.9 gals 200 L/52.8 gals 218 L/57.5 gals 262 L/69.2 gals
Glass Thickness 8mm (5/16") 8mm (5/16") 8mm (5/16") 8mm (5/16")
Refugium Chamber
(Max Dimensions)
220 x 335mm 250 x 488mm 300 x 488mm 355 x 488mm
8.7"×13.2" 9.8"×19.2" 11.8"×19.2" 14"×19.2"
Refugium Chamber
(Min Dimensions)
220 x 335mm 145 x 488mm 195 x 488mm 250 x 488mm
8.7"×13.2" 5.7"×19.2" 7.7"×19.2" 9.8"×19.2"
Skimmer Chamber
(w/o Refugium)
335 x 488mm 475 x 488mm 555 x 488mm 755 x 488mm
13.2"×19.2" 18.7"×19.2" 21.9"×19.2" 29.7"×19.2"
Skimmer Chamber
(with Min Refugium)
263 x 335mm 325 x 488mm 355 x 488mm 500 x 488mm
10.4"×13.2" 12.8"×19.2" 14"×19.2" 19.7"×19.2"
Skimmer Chamber
(with Max Refugium)
263 x 335mm 219 x 488mm 249 x 488mm 394 x 488mm
10.4"×13.2" 8.9"×19.2" 9.8"×19.2" 15.5"×19.2"
Pump Chamber 150 x 564mm 180 x 564mm 180 x 564mm 180 x 564mm
5.9"×22.2" 7.1"×22.2" 7.1"×22.2" 7.1"×22.2"
ATO ATO Dimensions
(Length x Width x Height)
200 x 580 x 370mm 250 x 580 x 370mm 350 x 580 x 370mm 350 x 580 x 370mm
7.9"×22.8"×14.6" 9.8"×22.8"×14.6" 13.8"×22.8"×14.6" 13.8"×22.8"×14.6"
ATO Volume 39 L/10.3 gals 49 L/13 gals 70 L/18.5 gals 70 L/18.5 gals
Glass Thickness 6mm (1/4") 6mm (1/4") 6mm (1/4") 6mm (1/4")
Plumbing Main Drain DN32 DN32 DN25 x 2 DN25 x 2
Emergency Overflow DN32 DN32 DN32 DN32
Pump Return DN25 DN25 DN25 DN25
Nozzles DN20 x 2 DN20 x 2 DN20 x 2 DN20 x 2
Filter Socks 180mm/7" x 2 180mm/7" x 2 180mm/7" x 2 180mm/7" x 2
Cabinet Cabinet Model ALU 5030 ALU 6030 ALU 7230 ALU 8730
(Length x Width x Height)
1268 x 750 x 1000mm 1510 x 750 x 1000mm 1836 x 750 x 1000mm 2200 x 750 x 1000mm
49.9"×29.5"×39.4" 59.4"×29.5"×39.4" 72.3"×29.5"×39.4" 86.6"×29.5"×39.4"
Material 18mm Waterbox ALU fully water-proof cabinet panels
Eccentric wheel Leveling Feet
CE Aluminum Extrusion Frame with anti-rust connectors
Paint PU Painting (side & front), Powder coated for aluminum profile.
Color W-White, B-Black , 
System Height with Cabinet 1600mm/63" 1600mm/63" 1600mm/63" 1600mm/63"
Total Volume 719 L/189.9 gals 858 L/226.7 gals 1017 L/268.7 gals 1209 L/319.4 gals


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