REEF 220.6
REEF 220.6

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REEF 220.6

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• Dimensions (LxWxH): 1836 x 643 x 600mm (72.3" × 25.3" × 23.6")
• Height with Cabinet: 1500mm/59.1"
• Display Volume: 632 L/167 gals
• Total Volume: 813 L/215 gals
• Glass Thickness: 19mm
• Includes: Aquarium, Cabinet, Sump, Plumbing Kit, Filter Socks, Sock Silencers
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REEF 220.6



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Our Most Loved Aquarium

Waterbox REEF™ systems provide hobbyist a customizable foundation to design their dream aquarium. The most loved aquarium in the industry makes you fall in love again with aquatics.

Full Glass Overflow

Overflow boxes are constructed entirely of glass with water-etched weir teeth.

Dual Adjustable Return Nozzles

Each side of the glass overflow box features adjustable return nozzles for precise water agitation.

Overflow Lid

Each Waterbox has an overflow cover with unique branding.

Ultra Low Iron Glass

Our aquariums are all manufactured using Low Iron Ultra Clear glass that is diamond beveled providing 91% transmittance.

High Strength Silicone

Manufactured using german made Wacker silicone will provide your aquarium with the longevity it needs.

Standard 90 Degree Joints

Manufactured using the standard aquarium manufacturing joints for maximum durability and strength.


Plumbing Simplified

Our engineers have designed the REEF™ with a ready to assemble plumbing kit that provides easy installation without any gluing required.

Quick Connect Assembly

Assembly is quick and easy with no gluing required.

Precision Gate Valve

Controls the flow through the drains, ensuring quiet operation.

Dual Manifold

Additional valves available for optional equipment.
*REEF 100.3 and REEF 130.4 have single manifold.
*REEF 180.5 and REEF 220.6 have dual manifold.

Safety Drain

Diverts water into the filtration compartment preventing an overflow, in the event of a clog.

Flexible Return Line

Accommodates your choice of return pump by using a flexible hose.


A Reef Ready Sump System

The REEF™ system shines above the rest with our thoughtfully designed, sized and placed sump system.


Included are filter socks for filtering out debris and particulates with sock silencer for a quieter system.

REEF 100.3 and REEF 130.4:
Include two 4" Micron Felt Filter Socks.

REEF 180.5 and REEF 220.6:
Include two 7" Micron Felt Filter Socks.

Pre-Cut Filter Sponge

Increases filtration and reduces micro-bubbles in the system.

Evaporation Reservoir

The sump system has a dedicated chamber for the use of an auto top-off controller.

REEF 180.5 and REEF 220.6 :
Include a separate 13.1G reservoir.

Removable Refugium Baffle

Provides the option to utilize a refugium for nutrient export.

*Available on the REEF 180.5 and REEF 220.6.


Technical Specifications

Product Model REEF 100.3 REEF 130.4 REEF 180.5 REEF 220.6
(Length x Width x Height)
900 x 600 x 550mm 1200 x 600 x 550mm 1536 x 643 x 550mm 1836 x 643 x 600mm
35.4"×23.6"×21.7" 47.2"×23.6"×21.7" 60.5"×25.3"×21.7" 72.3"×25.3"×23.6"
Glass Thickness 12mm (1/2") 12mm (1/2") 15mm (3/5″) 19mm (3/4")
Water Height 535mm/21.1" 535mm/21.1" 535mm/21.1" 585mm/23.0"
Aquarium Volume 271 L/71.7 gals 364 L/96.3 gals 494 L/130.5 gals 632 L/167 gals
Aquarium Weight 105.0 kg / 231.5 lb 126.0 kg / 277.8 lb 189.0 kg / 416.7 lb 277.0 kg / 610.7 lb
Glass Material Ultra-clear glass
Transmittance 91%
Sump Sump Dimensions
(Length x Width x Height)
720 x 450 x 380mm 720 x 450 x 380mm 820 x 485 x 380mm 820 x 485 x 380mm
28.3"×17.7"×15" 28.3"×17.7"×15" 32.3"×19.1"×15" 32.3"×19.1"×15"
Sump Volume 116 L/30.6 gals 116 L/30.6 gals 140 L/37.1 gals 140 L/37.1 gals
Sump Weight 29.0 kg / 63.9 lb 29.0 kg / 63.9 lb 41.0 kg / 90.4 lb 41.0 kg / 90.4 lb
Glass Thickness 6mm (1/4") 6mm (1/4") 8mm (5/16") 8mm (5/16")
Refugium - - Yes Yes
Skimmer Chamber with Refugium - - 255 x 397mm 255 x 397mm
10"×15.6" 10"×15.6"
Refugium Chamber - - 208 x 397mm 208 x 397mm
8.2"×15.6" 8.2"×15.6"
Skimmer Chamber w/o Refugium  330 x 438mm 330 x 438mm 397 x 469mm 397 x 469mm
13"×17.2" 13"×17.2" 15.6"×18.5" 15.6"×18.5"
RO Reservoir Dimensions
(Length x Width x Height)
192 x 246 x 359mm 192 x 246 x 359mm ATO Tank ATO Tank
7.6"×9.7"×14.1" 7.6"×9.7"×14.1"
RO Volume 17 L/4.5 gals 17 L/4.5 gals
Pump Chamber 240 x 200mm 240 x 200mm 469 x 158mm 469 x 158mm
9.4"×7.9" 9.4"×7.9" 18.5"×6.2" 18.5"×6.2"
ATO ATO Dimensions
(Length x Width x Height)
- - 360 x 420 x 350mm 360 x 420 x 350mm
14.2"×16.5"×13.8" 14.2"×16.5"×13.8"
ATO Volume 50 L/13.1 gals 50 L/13.1 gals
ATO Weight 9.0 kg / 19.8 lb 9.0 kg / 19.8 lb
Glass Thickness 5mm (3/16") 5mm (3/16")
Plumbing Main Drain DN25 DN25 DN32 DN32
Emergency Overflow DN25 DN25 DN32 DN32
Pump Return DN20 DN20 DN25 DN25
Nozzles DN15 x 2 DN15 x 2 DN15 x 2 DN15 x 2
Filter Socks 105mm/4" x 2 105mm/4" x 2 180mm/7" x 2 180mm/7" x 2
Cabinet Cabinet Model UV 3624 UV 4824 UV 6025 UV 7225
Cabinet Dimensions
(Length x Width x Height)
900 x 600 x 900mm 1200 x 600 x 900mm 1536 x 643 x 900mm 1836 x 643 x 900mm
35.4"×23.7"×35.4" 47.2"×23.7"×35.4" 60.5"×25.3"×35.4" 72.3"×25.3"×35.4"
Sump Compartment Inner Dimensions 810 x 560mm 768 x 560mm 915 x 605mm 815 x 605mm
31.9"×22" 30.2"×22" 36"×23.8" 32.1"×23.8"
Material 18mm solid plywood
Paint (side & front) PU Painting
Color W-White, B-Black
Cabinet Weight 58 kg / 127.9 lb 69 kg / 152.1 lb 84 kg / 185.1 lb 105 kg / 231.5 lb
System Height with Cabinet 1450mm/57" 1450mm/57" 1450mm/57.1" 1500mm/59.1"
Total Volume 387 L/102.4 gals 480 L/126.9 gals 675 L/178 gals 813 L/215 gals
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Chris S.
United States United States

Infinia 190.5

Received my Infinia 190.5 without any damage or issue - shipped via freight from FL to CA! Tank and equipment were well-packaged and secure. Can't wait to finish putting everything together!

Chris M.
Canada Canada

Happy with Tank/Service!

My 220.6 Reef arrived safely and well packaged. This tank is very, very heavy. All correspondence with Waterbed was very quick and to the point. It is a beautiful aquarium and I can’t wait to get my fish in it.

Bryan F.
United States United States

My 4th Waterbox tank

So I started small with the 25 peninsula, then a Marine X 40 gallon, then the 3620 Marine X peninsula, I just finished cycling the my new Infinia Reef 150 and couldn't be happier with the new aluminum stand and tank. Waterbox quality is top notch.

United States United States

The Tanks is Fantastic

I was very happy with the tank and stand. I was not happy with the service.

Sam S.
United States United States

Great tank so far

My very first reef tank and liking it so far (one month) . Just had the return coupling leak a little on setup, easily fixed with some plumbing glue. Everything was packaged very well and arrived intact. Overall the cabinet was very easy to setup. Plumbing was a breeze. Very pleased with the purchase so far and excited for livestock soon.


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